Andrew P. Bernstein, J.D., CFP®
Wealth Management Advisor

All Points Wealth Management


Andrew's career in financial planning started in a unique way: with a law degree. During his time in law school, he decided that he would prefer to make a positive impact on a client’s life by helping them reach their financial goals and objectives, rather than legal ones. Holding a Juris Doctorate has proven beneficial because it allows Andrew to approach the challenges of financial planning from a highly analytical standpoint.

"While law school might have been an unorthodox start to a career in financial planning, the critical thinking skills I learned have been invaluable for helping clients. I have combined this unique educational background with advanced financial planning certifications, allowing me to execute tailored strategies for each client's specific vision."

Andrew's team prides themselves on the personalized approach they take with each client. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, Andrew's expertise lies in understanding the needs of his clients and creating a comprehensive plan and cohesive set of strategies to help accomplish their goals. His team has experience working with an incredible group of clients spread across the country. With their expertise, they best serve:

• Healthcare Professionals 

Physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals want the best for their financial planning, but they may worry they don’t have all of the answers or the time to research them. The burdens of student loans, working 80-hour weeks, and late entry into the workforce can leave them feeling behind in their planning. Our team has a decade of experience helping physicians take control of their planning and feel confident they have a strong partner in their financial journey.

• Attorneys

The practice of law can be incredibly fulfilling, but keeping track of work days in six-minute increments doesn’t leave a lot of room for financial planning. We have the experience necessary to integrate an attorney’s planning with firm benefits, navigate the transition from associate to partner, help start their own firm, or assist in properly managing their retirement incomes and distributions.

• Business Owners and Corporate Executives

Owning or managing a business often allows one to chart their own course, but it also brings additional responsibilities.  In any business, managing people, retaining talent, and navigating cash flow and taxes are regular concerns. Beyond the business, owners have to make sure they’re doing the best things for their personal financial security. Our team serves as a vital resource for busy owners and executives, taking stress out of their lives and allowing them to concentrate on their businesses

• Those looking to make a mark on their profession

Our clients all have the same things in common: they care about their careers, their families, and their communities. While the professions above make up a large percentage of our clientele, we are proud to partner with clients in many different careers and industries. Our values include excellence, integrity, and personal responsibility, and we are happy to build relationships with anyone who shares those values and is also open to new ideas and strategies to improve their financial planning.


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